Casting Call for “The Curious Case of a Casual Terrorist”

Casting Call for new ECTA production
The Curious Case of a Casual Terrorist
Language: English
Written and directed by Sudipta Bhawmik
Show dates:
August 5 or 6 (South Asian Theatre Festival, Victoria Theatre, Rutgers Mason Gross School) and  Sept 15 – 30, 7 shows on Fri, Sat and Sundays. (Edison Valley Playhouse) 

Actors needed for the following roles:
Julia – Caucasian female in her twenties/ early thirties
Don – Caucasian/AA Male in late forties to early fifties
Rohan – South Asian Male in his twenties to early thirties
Ayesha – South Asian Female in her twenties/early thirties
James – Caucasian/AA Male in his forties
Suresh – South Asian male in his thirties
Boris – Caucasian Male in his fifties, to early sixties
Qureshi – South Asian male in his sixties
Pallavi – South Asian female in her late fifties to mid sixties

All roles are open. We estimate approx 20 rehearsals (3 hours each) during June and July with some table readings in May. Rehearsals will be held in central New Jersey.
A brief synopsis of the play is given below.

This is a NON-EQUITY show and we have no budget to pay for the actors.

Please send your headshot, bio and a short video monologue or a piece of acting to

Auditions to be held on Thurs, May 18, 8:00pm at the Historic Edison Valley Playhouse, 2196 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ.
You will be asked to read from the sides.


The play tells the story of Basant Adnani, a seventy year old Indian born British citizen, who was arrested by the US law enforcement on terrorism charges. Basant was accused of supplying weapons to a terrorist organization. He was found guilty by the court and was imprisoned for life. However, in reality Basant did not supply any weapons. The entire operation was a setup designed to trap Basant into doing the wrong thing. The terrorist organization, the contact, the weapons supplier, the weapons – everything were fake. What made the seventy year old salesman to fall into the trap is what the play explores.

Although the play is inspired by true events, the characters and the incidents portrayed in the play are purely fictional.

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