Ananda Lal“The big surprise of Ganakrishti’s theatre festival this year flew in from across the Atlantic, and performed in Bengali. I don’t mean to sound condescending, but the few amateur non-resident Bengali (NRB) productions I’ve seen, whether epar or opar the seas, languish in pathetic homesickness for an imagined Bengali culture, and in equally pathetic club-variety stagecraft. Ethnomedia from New Jersey confines this genre to the trash bin with Ron, an original play that probes deep into the NRB ennui, attracting pin-drop attentiveness from a packed Rabindra Sadan after wowing audiences on its premiere a fortnight ago at the first South Asian Theatre Festival in the US.”

- Ananda Lal, The Telegraph, Kolkata


“I am really very impressed with Sudipta and Ethnomedia’s play ‘Satyameva’. The locale of the play may be in America, but I think the story is universal. I think we, the theater groups of Kolkata, should stage Sudipta’s plays here in Kolkata.”

- Ashok Mukhopadhyay, Theater Workshop, Kolkata (after watching Satyameva…)


“The Bengali-American group Ethnomedia from New Jersey, which stunned Calcutta last year with Ron, returned for the world premiere of dramatist-director Sudipta Bhawmik’s Satyameva.”

- Ananda Lal, The Telegraph, Kolkata


Bibhas Chakraborty“‘Ron’ is one of the most well written and well constructed plays I have seen in recent times. While watching the play, Sudipta’s craftsmanship kept on reminding me of none other than J.B. Pristley. Craft apart, artisically also its content, dialogues, characterisation, and most importantly its universal relevance, appealed to me most. As a stage production it was wellacted also . I wish ‘Ron’ a long long run !”

- Bibhas Chakraborty, Theater Personality, Kolkata


“A very well written play – the twists and turns are very well crafted, in the same league as a Peter Shaffer play. You have wonderfully achieved whatever you have wanted to. The taut suspense holds one to his seat for the entire play without a break. This is indeed a great achievement. A very enjoyable play overall and I congratulate you and your team for this presentation.”

- Bibhas Chakraborty (on Satyameva), Theater Personality, Kolkata

“I will go out on limbs and say that Sudipta Bhowmik is producing some of the most powerful and important Bengali plays of our time. That includes Kolkata and West Bengal. More importantly, he is providing a glimpse to the actual USA-residing Bengalees. This is not the picture you get in mainstream magazines and mundane media portrayal.”

- Sambit Basu, ENAD , Bangalore

“Your play “Ron” has caused an unprecedented stir at our festival. Sudipta and your team has undoubtedly extended the textual range of Bengali theatre and the Kolkata theatre community has acknowledged this fact whole heartedly.” 

- Amitava Dutta, Secretary, Ganakrishti, Kolkata

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